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Flowers For Cemeteries, Inc. provides quality silk cemetery flowers and Sympathy Silks® funeral flowers that are specifically designed for the cemetery and the funeral home. Our catalog of products includes arrangements designed for the cemetery vases, monuments and tombstones, mausoleum, and niche.

Ruby and David Broel founded Flowers For Cemeteries to stop silk flowers from blowing out of the cemetery vase. Their 35 years of working in the cemetery, funeral, and memorialization industry provided them with many opportunities to study the problem of silk flowers blowing away.

Up until their development of the Stay-In-The-Vase® design products, there was not a product that would effectively keep the silk flowers in the cemetery vase. Florist foam was the most common product used. It does not hold the flowers in the vase. By using the Stay-In-The-Vase® silk cemetery flowers by Flowers For Cemeteries you will be pleased to find the flowers will not blow away and will not float out of the vase.

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U.S. Patents issued: D502,889; D490,746; 7,310,909;
7,165,356; D595,181
Trade Names: Stay-In-The-Vase®; STOP Missing Flowers®;
Sympathy Silks®