Red and White Mum

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  • Ground Arrangement Medium
  • Monument Saddle
  • Monument Potted Silk
  • Saddle and 1 Medium Bouquet
  • Saddle and 1 Medium Bouquet with Vase
  • Saddle and 2 Medium Bouquets
  • Saddle and 2 Medium Bouquets with Vases


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Product Description

This arrangement is made on a concrete brick. Monument Brick arrangements are used to memorialize a loved one’s grave when no vase is available to place flowers in and sits directly on the ground or on a monument. The arrangement is designed to be one sided and placed against a headstone. A brick is used to give the arrangement a low center of gravity to reduce the chance that it will get blown over by the wind. The brick is covered with green foil paper for a smooth appearance.
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