Red Rose Buds Saddle and 2 Bouquets

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A stunning saddle arrangement, hand crafted with rich red rose buds and 2 matching vase arrangements. The saddle is accented with lush fern and boasts 36 vibrant red rose buds, perfect for honoring your Loved One. The arrangement for the vase also has 36 beautiful red rose buds. These arrangements are both eye-catching and realistic, capturing the charm and beauty of fresh flowers in a durable and long-lasting form.

Measuring 30 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 10 inches in height, the saddle is designed to fit on top of a monument. The saddle's metal frame features adjustable legs, ensuring a secure fit on a variety of monument shapes and sizes.

The matching side vase arrangements are 28 inches tall and feature our Stay-in-the-Vase Design attached to the base. This unique design ensures that your cherished flower arrangement will stay securely in place in the cemetery vase, no matter the weather conditions. No more trimming foam or fidgeting with arrangements - simply place the flowers in the vase and you're done.

Handmade using Flowers For Cemeteries, Inc's premium quality silk bouquets, these arrangements boast UV-resistant dyes and a specially treated material to prevent color fading even in harsh weather conditions. We recommend changing the arrangement seasonally, every 3 to 4 months, to keep the display fresh and beautiful.

Please note that this item does not include cemetery vases.
    - Length: 30

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